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Our cultural legacy is one of the most important possessions each of us carry; it is an essential part of our identity. I, Sigal Yehuda, was raised as an Iranian Jew in Israel. My parents emigrated from Iran to Israel in the early 1950s. They loved Iran, they spoke Farsi and lived as Iranians in Israel, a foreign country in which they were never able to fully integrate.
Although they had a different religion, they were like the Muslim Iranians, deeply connected to the Iranian culture.

The Jews who came to Israel from Muslim countries in the 1950’s loved their homeland, but they were taught that this homeland was the enemy. For centuries they lived peacefully with their Muslim, and other neighbors of different religions, in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen. Political leaders created a common enemy based on religion, which they believed would bond people and disengage them from their homelands.

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We support them in developing and creating compelling original documentaries that illuminate the social and political realities of our fraught region.

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